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Plans are underway for the 'Sussex Surprise' virtual cocktail competition

We've always seen our consumer festivals and business-to-business networking events as two sides of the same coin. Without local hospitality working with – and buying – from local producers and farmers, the food scene of the county would be a much poorer place.

With that in mind, we're working with our friends at Brighton's Mixology Group to host a virtual cocktail competition aimed at the bar scene in Brighton and surrounding Sussex. Bartenders will be invited in May to apply for a box of spirits – featuring our partners Brighton Gin, Brooksteed Gin, Madame Jennifer distillery and Slake Spirits – and 'mystery' ingredients from suppliers such as MDTEA and Redroaster Coffee. They'll then have three weeks to rustle up some unique cocktails, submitting entries via Instagram.

Judging will take place at the end of June, with prizes including distillery tours, WSET courses and full bottles of featured spirits.


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