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With 15 years of experience delivering food and drink events and promotions both in the UK and internationally, here at Sharp Media we know there’s a lot more to a food festival than ‘tents in a field’. 

Whether a one or two day annual outdoor event, or a curated week of venue-hosted bespoke dinners, tastings and trails, a professionally organised food and drink festival delivered by Sharp Media will provide a commerical and cultural focal point not only for your local culinary year but also a hook for your wider gastronimic tourism, place building and circular economy strategies.

Why food & drink events?

  • Food and drink is a shared experience that everyone of all ages and demographic backgrounds can relate to and participate in.

  • Gastronomic tourism is a leading driver of inbound visitors to regions. 

  • Visitors engaging in food tourism tend to have a higher spend, and stay longer including overnight accommodation.

  • The post-Covid recovery and regeneration of town centres is likely to be highly reliant on unique experiential activities such as food and drink.

  • Hospitality businesses and small local producers are notoriously difficult to engage; a food festival creates a focal point for collaborative involvement with a direct economic return for their businesses.

The full package

  • One day to one week events showcasing the best of your local hospitality, food and drink offering.

  • Consultation and engagement with key public, private and third sector stakeholders to define relevant objectives and deliverables..

  • Branding, marketing, design, PR, photography and social media support.

  • Creation and delivery of a practical plan that promotes the uniqueness of your local offering and generates revenue for food and drink businesses.

  • Facilitation of an active and engaged network of local hospitality businesses and regional food and drink producers.

  • Work in partnership with TCM/BIDs, local government and existing trade bodies.

  • Generation of relevant sponsorship channels and business investment to reduce core funding requirements.

Click here to download our Bite brochure


Curate your own food and drink festival – that will engage locals, visitors and businesses – from our pick 'n' mix ‘Bite’ menu of informative, relevant and FUN events...

Outdoor food festival example activities

  • Big Bite Market

  • Live Food Show

  • Children’s Food Festival

  • Beach BBQ Cook-Off

  • Chilli Challenge

  • Extreme Food Challenge

  • Wine Festival

  • Cheese Bowling

  • Beer & Cider Festival

  • Waiters Race

  • Dog’s Dinner Competiton

  • Grow-Your-Own/Food Upcycling/Seed Swap

  • Bite Big Screen interactive food cinema nights

Venue-driven food festival example events

  • International Chef Exchange

  • Food & drink world record attempts

  • Cocktail Week

  • English Wine Week

  • Gourmet Wine & Bus Tours

  • Safari dinner

  • Make Your Case ‘punk’ wine tasting

  • Local producer/chef collaboration dinners

  • Young Chef of the Year competition lunch

  • The Three Chefs Go To...? themed dinner

  • Food Lab experimental dinner

  • Tapas Taster Trails 

  • Super taster wine science 


Celebrate the best of the best of food and drink! Food and drink are a great way of not only engaging consumers but also hospitality businesses and food and drink producers across your region in the build up to your festival. We have multiple award structure models to ensure this activity is delivered on-budget and with the highest levels of all-important transparency and integrity.


At the heart of a successful regional food and drink economy is an engaged network of producers and hospitality buyers with shared values on locality, provenance, seasonality and quality.

We can either build you a network of food and drink business stakeholders from scratch, or work with existing organisations in your region to support their growth through professional yet fun engagement and networking activities.


Need a website? No problem!

Branded brochures and display collateral? Consider it done!

We’ve many years of experience building food and drink brands, and can provide as much marketing, creative, design and PR support as you need including relevant engagement through key social media channels with both businesses and target consumers.

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