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The Hague Bartender of the Year 2023 crowned at Hilton The Hague

The Hague Bartender of the Year competition finalists and judges (photo Tom Brown)

Although the annual The Hague Cocktail Week wrapped in early October, our spin-off – The Hague Bartender of the Year competition – took place in Blue Blood at Hilton The Hague on Monday 20 November.

Although all our entries showed great creativity and seized on the competition brief, our exceptional five finalists on the day really knew there stuff and mixed up some impressive cocktails.

Congratulations to Denise – head bartender at Museum Van Kleef – for knocking the judges socks off!

As ever, a huge thanks to our generous sponsors and judges who shared their time and resources and the always amazing team at Hilton The Hague. We had a ball with all our colleagues from across the Haagse and wider Netherlands bar industry and can't wait for 2024!

Photos by Tom Brown @honkingelephant


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